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Plastic Measuring Glass Grams, Litre, Ounce (Random Colour)

Plastic Measuring Glass Grams, Litre, Ounce (Random Colour)
Plastic Measuring Glass Grams, Litre, Ounce (Random Colour)
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  • Model: MEAS_GLASS
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  • Measurements: Grams, Litre, and Ounce
  • Color: As per Availability
  • Measures Solids and Liquids
  • Specific measurements for Rice, Chana, Rawa, Sugar
  • Washable items and reuse again.

The lettering is very easy to read and won't wear off as easily as a printed marking. Handles are long and have a hole for a better grip. Made of food-grade polypropylene. Easy storage cups are stackable, which saves space in drawers and thanks to bright colors you will always find them. The molded easy-to-read lettering is not the only way how to distinct the cups since each of them has a different color.

Material Plastic

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