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Recipe:Recipe for sponge:Veg Choco Cake Mix : 1000 gWater : 600 gOil : 100 gAttachment – PaddleMix Veg Choco Cake Mix and water at speed 1 (Low Speed) – 1 min.Scrape and mix at speed 2 (Medium speed) – 3 mins.Scrape and add oil at speed 1 (Low Speed) – 1 min.Bake at 160 Degree C for 30 – 35 mins.Rec..
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Pillsbury Ready to bake cake mixes are artisan-al mixes used to create exceptional, exquisite traditional cakes, wedding cakes, birthday cakes, and layer cakes.Keeping pace with consumer trends, this premix enables you to take less time and less stock management. Also increases efficiency endle..
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