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Cake Moulds & Rings

17.5 Cm Aluminum Cake MouldAluminum Cake Mould Size: Upper diameter - 17.5 cmBottom diameter - 6.5 cmHeight - 11.5 cmMaterial - AluminiumColor: SilverCapacity- Approx 500 g cake moldIdeal for both beginners and experienced decorators.PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:Washable and re-usable molds. Hand washes in h..
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Makes one- to three-layer cakes or a multibatter tiered cakeMade of heavyweight, rustproof metal with nonstick SilverStone finishSet includes a plastic batter dividerEach pan measures 9 inches in diameterBox Includes:- 3Pc Cake Mould & 1Pc plastic batter dividerIf you enjoy wowing your friends a..
₹ 500.00
Ex Tax:₹ 500.00
Made of Stainless SteelAdjustable Dimensions: 16 cm to 30 cm, Height:- 8.5CMPackage Contains: 1 X Adjustable Cake RingSimple setting of two desired diameters of cake.Ideal for making round cakes from 160mm to 300mm. Easy to expand or shrink ring size, you can make cake what size you want between 150..
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